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    Mission: Increase youth’s potential for their further participation in the processes of social development and poverty level reduction.

    Goal # 1: Improve the quality and quantity of services to the organization planned to provide for a plan of 25,000 children and young people up to 30 years with regard to gender (50/50).

    Goal # 2: Strengthen the staff of the organization at the time of the plan to provide 13 program services to children and young people under 30 years.

    Goal # 3: Improve access on a "peer-to-peer" of 25,000 young people 14-30 years to knowledge and skills of safe behavior, and 40% of that number to the medical, psychosocial and legal services benevolent character.

    Goal # 4: Support initiatives of extremely poor communities in Tajikistan, to improve conditions aimed at maintaining the health of 1,000 children and young people up to 30 years with regard to gender (50/50).

    Goal # 5: Facilitate the integration of the principle of youth participation in the planning, design, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs / projects to prevent the spread of HIV infection and the maintenance of health.

    Goal # 6: Interact with current and no less than 50 new state, international, national and local partner organizations in achieving the goals 1-5.

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