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    Mirzorahimov Naimjon, Executive director. Naimjon has ended a faculty correspondence education department «Economy and managements of the enterprises» the mountain - metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan. Naimjon is responsible for the general management and coordination of activity in the organization. His responsibility includes also working out of projects, fundraising, human resource management, adjustment of the international contacts, preparation of reports, reports and recommendations.


    Son Dmitry, Director of representation PO “YGT” in Khujand, Sugd region. Dmitry has graduated on a specialty « Finance and Credit» in Tajik State Commerce University. He is responsible for management of representation and its projects, coordination of activity of employees, monitoring and estimation.


    Yunusov Dilshod, manager on fundraising (freelancer-volunteer). Dilshod has graduated on a specialty «Philologist of English and Arabiс languages» at Hujand State University of the name academician. Gafurov. Also he has received the second higher economic education at Tajik State University. He is responsible for attraction for realization of programs and organization projects.


    Rakhimov Umeda, Chief Accountant. Umeda received a degree in "international economics" at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service Dushanbe. She is responsible for the timely introduction of financial statements and the management of financial operations of the organization.

    Ahmedjanova Nigina, the bookkeeper. Nigina has graduated on a specialty «Accounting and Audit». She is responsible for introduction of the timely financial report and management of financial operations of the organization in Khujand.




    Nazirbaev Bakhtiyor, project manager. Bakhtiyor received a degree on "Rusoved" in the Modern Humanitarian Academy of Khujand. Bakhtiyor is primarily responsible for the implementation, development, M&E Projects in Head Office YGT. And also is the administrative assistant to the Executive Director of the Programme.





    Kasyanov Larisa, manager of public relations. Larisa received a degree in "Informatic economist" in the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University in Dushanbe. Larisa is responsible for the timely notification of the public on the performance of the organization, its plans and services through Web sites and pages organizations social networks Facebook and YouTube.


    Jumayev Juraboy project manager "BSJA-3." Juraboy got a degree in "Master of Fine Arts and Folk Crafts" in Khujand State University. Juraboy responsible for the implementation and development of the project aimed to support the activities YFHS through outreach communications among organized and unorganized youth. Juraboy started work in YGT at 2008 as a volunteer.


    Natalia Yakubov, Project Manager "BGHRVGS" in Istaravshan. Natalia learns on 3 course in the specialty "Marketing" in the Tajik State University of Commerce in Khujand. She is responsible for the implementation and development of the project, personnel management, and reporting. Natalia in the first acquainted with the activity of YGT as a party summer camp for trainers, students in the training program "Life skills adolescent health" in 2008.


    Abdujalilov EJod and Berdiev Ahad - lawyers provide advice on human rights, the need to represent the interests of TG in government and law enforcement agencies. Ensure quality and proper information about the laws of RT to TG and necessary documents in case of a passport, certificates, etc. MLS Responsible for conducting the mini-trainings on the topic: Health and vulnerable populations. 


    Sobitova Zamira, a psychologist of project "BSJA-3." Zamira within 4 years of the project BSJA responsible for organizing and conducting therapeutic groups and providing psychological assistance to vulnerable youth.


    Rustamova Malika outreach coordinator of the project "BSJA-3." She is responsible for training and professional development of outreach workers, organizing awareness campaigns, performance monitoring and reporting outreach workers.


    Abdusamadov Sodiq, Ahmadjonov Farruhjon, Qosimov Daler, Makhmudova Ashurhon, Murodova Dilfuza, Nosirova Zarrina, Rakhimov Aslamjon, Ulmasov Sheroz, Khomidova Gulafzo, Farhod Hasanov, Yusupova Sitora, Kodirova Gulnora, Bobojonova Gulandom, Omonzoda Nazarkosim, Urunova Tahmina, Aryukova Firuza, Umarova Mavzuna, Saidova Najmi, Faiziev Ahmadjon, Sobirov Minir, Layloi Mehrojidin, Kaumov Egamjon, Nematov Ihtiyor, Khakimov Hakim outreach workers in YGT.  Their main function - to conduct propaganda of healthy lifestyle among the TG, carry information about how to avoid possible threats from risky behavior (prevention of socially significant diseases). They are also suppliers IEM to VGY following, particularly among sex workers, IDUs, MSM and migrants. Outreach workers provide services and social support (eg, YFHS for medical and psychosocial services).


    Abduvahobova Farangiz, Usmanov Daler, Madjidov Azizjon, Boboeva Manizha, Boboev Iskandar, Nosirova Zarrina, coach of "peer to peer". They are responsible for organizing and conducting information sessions on prevention of socially significant diseases in places where young people, providing services to visitors of the youth information center "Bovary" in Khujand.


    Khalikova Zebo, Kurbanov Umeda and Kosimi Gulzohira volunteers. Girls provide help in translating documents into English in YGT. And involved in organizing and implementing project activities.

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