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     November 4, 2016, Thursday

    National Youth-Led NGO

    «Young Generation of Tajikistan» (YGT),

    Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport



    Tajikistan, Dushanbe: Road Safety awareness campaign begins through the Ismoili Somoni Avenue.

    From November 1, 2016 EASST in cooperation with YGT has started the implementation of the “TAJIKISTAN: Somoni Avenue Road Safety Awareness Campaign” supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

    The key aim of the project is to reduce road safety risks to pedestrians and other road users along Somoni Avenue, Dushanbe.

    The upgrade of Section 1 of the M41 highway linking Dushanbe with the Uzbek border is of tremendous importance for Tajikistan and for regional trade and development. As this first section of road passes through the heavily populated city centre - with heavy traffic volumes and a high number of stakeholders - there will also be challenges during the course of the improvements. The EBRD has identified a need to conduct public road safety awareness campaigning focusing on local businesses, residents and schools in the area. These groups could be exposed to faster moving traffic and a change in the well established crossing points both during construction and following the completion of the project.

    The key tasks of the project are:

    ·         improving enforcement

    ·         improving road safety education for children and young people

    ·         ensuring safer road design and construction

    ·         influencing road user behavior

    ·         building local road safety capacity in civil society

    Target audience:

    Residents near Somoni Avenue, drivers, passengers, public transport users, pedestrians and local businesses, among others. Also, special attention will be given to elderly people, parents with pushchairs, people with disabilities and children.

     Project duration:

    ·         4 months (November, 2016 - February, 2017)

    Save the Date:

    A Business Forum will be organized as part of the project on December 6th at the Hyatt Hotel, Dushanbe – further details to be circulated.

     Additional information:

    EBRD was founded in 1991 to create a new post-Cold War era in central and eastern Europe, furthering progress towards ‘market-oriented economies and the promotion of private and entrepreneurial initiative’. To date the EBRD has invested 607 million in Tajikistan, one third of which has been devoted to improving local infrastructure including transport links. This project is linked to the Dushanbe-Uzbekistan Border Road Improvement Project, Section 1 of which - approximately 4.6 km in length - is located within the urban area of Dushanbe (between the Avicenna Monument to the Western Gate of Dushanbe) and includes 82nd roundabout and Avicenna roundabout.

     EASST is an independent UK-registered charity whose mission is to save lives and prevent injuries by making road transport safer, greener and more sustainable for future generations. Since its establishment in 2009-10, EASST has built a vibrant network of NGOs across Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia - contributing to significant reforms in the region and to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. 

    Since 2008 YGT works in the field of preservation and development of children and youth health. Since 2013  activities also include ensuring road safety in order to reduce cases of road traffic injuries and deaths.

    For more information, please contact:

    734003, Rudaki str. 112, room 7, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan

    tel .: +992 44 6205921; +992 44 6206146; +992 37 8817572

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